Richmond Vocabulary Builder

Richmond Vocabulary Builder is a series of two books for adults and young adults.
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British English

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B1- B2

Richmond Vocabulary Builder is a series of two books for adults and young adults. Each book is divided into 50 double-page units which present and practice vocabulary in context, while also helping with collocations and grammar patterns.

The access code in the back of the book unlocks the Richmond Learning Platform. Here learners discover more practice activities to work on alone or as assigned by the teacher. Tests can also be created to take online or print and bring to class. Richmond Vocabulary Builder  is available with and without answers.

With Vocabulary Builder students will:

 learn new vocabulary in useful lexical sets and in context

 learn lexis for they will need Cambridge English exams

 listen to and read dialogues in real contexts and with a mix of accents

 practice the new vocabulary in personalized activities in every unit

 practice online on the Richmond Learning Platform

Components & Resources:

For Students

 Students Book (with and without answers)

 Learning Platform



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