Super Stars - Fluent Reader1

A fresh, lively and engaging graded reading program. Super Stars offers a wonderful range of stunningly illustrated nonfiction titles.
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Super Stars - Fluent Reader 1


Global Warming


Earth’s climate is changing and getting warmer. This is causing huge environmental problems. What is global warming and why is it occurring? What can you do to help or make a difference?



How Animals Defend Themselves


Animals have to defend themselves to survive. Some animals use their size, others their speed, some use their body to disguise themselves! Find out the different ways animals can defend themselves.



Magnificent Mummies


The ancient Egyptians believed that when you died you began a new life called the afterlife. They preserved their dead for this life using mummification. How did they do it?



Our Greatest Inventions


Can you imagine a world without telephones, cell phones, televisions, or even the wheel? All of these things were invented by very clever people. Meet the inventors who created some of the world’s greatest inventions.



The Games


The Olympic and the Paralympic Games are the most celebrated global sporting events of our time. They weren’t always the huge spectacular events that you watch today. Find out when and where the Games began and how they have developed into the amazing events they now are.



Secret Codes


For years people have been sending information secretly to others using codes to ensure their information is safe. The person the message is intended for decodes it to discover the secret information.



Super Science Experiments


Would you like to know how to make your own volcanic eruption? What about creating some static electricity? The nine experiments in this book will give you an insight into some intriguing scientific phenomena.



Great Moments in History


Great historic moments are events in history that we remember forever: landing on the Moon, man flying for the very first time. Discover some other amazing moments in history and who helped to make them memorable.




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