Super Stars - Early Reader2

A fresh, lively and engaging graded reading program. Super Stars offers a wonderful range of stunningly illustrated nonfiction titles.
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Super Stars - Early Reader 2


Tadpole to Frog


Do you know how a tadpole becomes a frog? Frogs begin their life as tiny eggs. They go through many changes in their lifetime. Read about their life cycle and how they change from tadpole to frog.



Water for Life


Water is the world’s most precious resource. Without fresh water, all living things would die. Read about why water is so precious, and what you can do to help save it.



All about Sharks


Do you know why sharks move around with their mouth open? Do you know which shark is the biggest in the world? Step inside the wonderful world of sharks and find the answers to these questions and more.



Dangerous Jobs


Some people risk their life every day doing dangerous jobs. Find out what some of these dangerous jobs are, and what a day at work is like for the people who do them.



Explore Eclipses


Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon are extraordinary events in our skies. Do you know how eclipses are formed and why they occur?



Melting Ice Creatures


Ice is melting from the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic. The melting ice is causing sea levels to rise. It is also affecting wildlife. Do you know why the ice is melting and what can be done to stop it?



Monkeys and Apes


Did you know that monkeys and apes are your closest relatives? They belong to the same group of animals as you do: primates. Read about this group of animals and discover some interesting similarities and differences!



Schoolyard Games


All around the world children play schoolyard games. Discover some new games that you can play in your schoolyard and find out which countries these games came from.




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