Super Stars - Early Reader1

A fresh, lively and engaging graded reading program. Super Stars offers a wonderful range of stunningly illustrated nonfiction titles.
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Super Stars - Early Reader 1


Be Healthy


Our body is always active. It works hard to keep us healthy. Being healthy helps to keep our body running well. Do you know how to be healthy?



Butterfly Life Cycle


Butterflies have colorful wings and flutter from place to place. Do you know how butterflies are born or where they come from? Find out all about the butterfly life cycle.



Face Painting


Would you like to look like a tiger? Perhaps you’d like to look freaky like Dracula? Follow these simple instructions to give yourself and others a new face!



Meet a Beekeeper


Keeping bees might sound scary, but it’s a great job if you know what you are doing. Meet a beekeeper and find out what his job is like and how he works with bees.



Meet an Astronaut


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut? Meet an astronaut who works at the International Space Station and find out what being an astronaut in space is really like.



Grow Grass Creatures


All around the world children play schoolyard games. Discover some new games that you can play in yours and find out which countries these games came from.



Our Earth


Our Earth has a lot of different features. There are islands and oceans, mountains and deserts. Discover some of Earth’s wonders and find out what makes them special.



Why We Need Sleep


Everybody needs sleep. Find out what our body and brain are doing as we sleep and discover why sleep is so important.



My Communit y


My community is filled with families, workers, and places to go. Read about all the things I did last week in my community. Is my community like yours?




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