Spotlight on English - Level K

Spotlight on English is a comprehensive, standards-based program for English
language learners (ELLs) designed to help K-6 students gain and develop English
language proficiency, while studying grade-level content.

Spotlight on English K is a comprehensive, Standards-based program for English language learners (ELLs) designed to help K students gain and develop English language proficiency, access grade-level content, and successfully transition to the mainstream classroom.

Spotlight on English K provides teachers with the tools necessary to empower ELLs to acquire the English language accurately and achieve competency in the four language functions of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Spotlight on English K is part of a balanced program that brings together all of the successful current methodologies, plus innovative teaching strategies enabling teachers to provide direct language instruction, differentiated instruction and opportunities for students to practice Academic English.


 Addresses students of different language Proficiency Levels (Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced) and as such the teacher will find strategies and activities that are appropriate.

 Written to ensure Universal Access, thereby allowing the teacher to easily assist any student by means of the activities in the section entitled Meeting Individual Needs. This section helps students with different learning modalities, reading difficulties, learning disabilities, or a combination of special instruction needs, leading to the student’s success. Interventions may be at the Benchmark, Strategic or Intensive level.

 acquire academic English

 Takes into consideration Multiple Intelligences should the teacher require these extension activities.

Components & Resources:

For Students

 Student’s Book

 Activity Pad


 Thematic Library

For Teachers

 Teacher’s Guide

 Assessments Teacher’s Manual

 Blackline Masters

 Audio CD

 Poster Cutouts

 Big Books




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